Places that are simple in appearance and generous in the substance.
In the setting of the protected Natural Reserve of the Biviere Lake, tied to ancient myths and woven with popular folk tales, Casa Grazia bottles the fruit of a unique terroir where dunes, wind and sea let good grapes mature.
A special territory, thanks to the presence of the biggest coastal lake in Sicily – further characterized by being a salty lake – that falls perfectly in the D.O.C.G. of the Cerasuolo of Vittoria, the only Sicilian D.O.C.G.
The soil, sandy and calcareous, extends upon an ideal embrace, and draw the silhouette of a plural landscape which concentrates all the bioclimatic benefits of Sicily.

The sapidity of the Lake and the salinity which blows from the coast nourish air and land bringing the grapes of the Biviere to maturation, destined to become great wines. Olive groves and orchards form the background of the Casa Grazia vineyards, and weave a pure beauty, made of history, places and memory.

It’s in this beneficial and generous context that Maria Grazia Di Francesco, with the love of a foster mother, nurtures and preserves the precious fruits generated from her vineyards. This is the place where Casa Grazia interprets, with dedication and gratitude, the work of the land, wealth for mankind and nobility for its spirit.


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Casa Grazia wines narrate a process of growth and experimentation, fueled by the love of the entrepreneur Maria Grazia Di Francesco, woman of the vineyard, who was able to seize the potential of the land, expressing it in a selection of etiquettes which bring to the chalice a portrait of Lake, land and sea.
Through the cultivation of the vineyards, whose natural vocation is vinification, in an area of privileged exposition on the Biviere Lake and its Natural Reserve, the company bottles grapes of unique characteristics, whose dominant feature is its unmistakable sapidity that always finds its rightful balance between character and elegance.


Children of the dedication that the entrepreneur Maria Grazia Di Francesco devotes to her vineyards, nurtured with an almost motherly love, the eight Casa Grazia etiquettes translate in the chalice the suggestions of this part of Sicily, the colours of its sunsets and the sea breeze that caresses the coast. Here citrus orchards, orange blossoms, jasmines, geraniums and lilies, carobs and cinnamon, blend with the typical salinity of the lake generating wines of brilliant shades, great expressive strength and scented nuances.

In the five reds, in the two whites and in the sparkling wine which impresses the symphony of the Mediterranean Sea. Harmony which passes from the palate to the senses.

Moscato Sicilia DOP

Grillo Sicilia DOP

Frappato Sicilia DOP

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG

Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOP

Syrah Sicilia DOP

Cabernet Sauvignon Sicilia DOP

Brut Sparkling wine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil