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We are in Gela, in the sunny south-east of Sicily where the province of Caltanissetta and Ragusa meet. Place where the dunes of the sea, with the Mediterranean scrub, meet the sea breeze that gently caresses the olive groves of Casa Grazia. A place with singular specificities for biodiversity, flora, fauna and migratory flows of very rare species.

The absolute protagonist is nature which, around the largest coastal salt lake in Sicily, inserted within the Biviere di Gela Oriented Nature Reserve, marks the rhythms of the seasons and generates a unique microclimate that the olive groves enjoy throughout the year.


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Casa Grazia domus

In this context of the Reserve, Casa Grazia is inserted within a complex of architectural and territorial value. A rural site of historical interest dating back, at least for the first buildings, to the end of the nineteenth century. Around the 1950s, the land and the original complex were taken over by Minister Salvatore Aldisio. Gelese, a prominent figure on the national scene, politician and benefactor dedicated to his hometown leaves its assets to the Salesian Opera specifying, in the donation, the maintenance of the vocation of those places for the training of young people in the area.

In fact, for decades, among the various activities conducted by priests, there was also the training of very young chefs. That large kitchen, in fact, has been maintained and is used for events and guided tours. The Brunetti family continues this vocation today by making the Dimora a welcoming place in which guests and collaborators can feel safe, just like at home. The renovation work is the Brunetti family’s crowning achievement aimed at practicing cultural values ​​in the area.



The history of Casa Grazia goes back a long way. It is nourished by the love of a great couple who share passion and dedication towards their own land. It was the early 1900s when the Brunetti family began cultivating their lands. In the 1980s the production of olives and grapes began.

In the early 2000s, Maria Grazia, thanks to the passion passed on to her by her husband and life partner Gino Brunetti, embraced and made her own the project of producing and bottling authentic, proud and sincere oils and wines, ambassadors of this part of Sicily. Starting from 2020, with enthusiasm, Emilio, the eldest son, takes the helm and guide of the olive growing company.



The company covers an area of ​​over 550 ha, of which approximately 70 ha are dedicated to centuries-old, medium-aged (20-50 years) and newly planted olive groves. Within this scenario, Casa Grazia cultivates, adhering to rigorous organic farming regulations, olive trees with singular characteristics that characterize a multitude of cultivars as well as clones that arrived in Sicily as early as the Greek colonies of the sixth century BC.

The entire company is exposed to the westerly winds which transfer the scents of the Mediterranean scrub to all the crops in progress (including the olive tree), giving all the products and therefore also the oil a unique character.

From the point of view of the structure of the land, the entire company, which overlooks the sea, diversifies its land, going from predominantly sandy soils to predominantly clayey soils.

This unique condition allows for scalar maturation processes, which allow high, standardized and high-value quality levels to be achieved.