For a thousand orange scents
colors of a lived time.
The wait for festive aromas,
tasty flower essence.
Then he paints the night gold
for a long time it is filled with fruit.

Sicily DOC

Cricket 100%

Production area:
Biviere Lake Nature Reserve

Organic certification:


Our Grillo matures on the sandy soils of Lake Biviere, where the grapes are nourished by a special flavor that pours into the glass of Zahara.

An intense and persistent wine, with a lively character, preceded by great clarity.

On the nose it evokes the beauty of the landscape, with fruity and floral notes among which orange blossom, jasmine and orange blossom stand out, and the herbaceous notes of sage and rosemary. The sip gives the impression of a wine with great gustatory balance between elegance and freshness, and the name takes us back to the fields of flowers that smell of Sicilian citrus fruits.