Waiting for the happiest time,
I wait and see its fruits.
The stillness moves around,
nature of berries and sea.
The moment of light arrives,
it smells, it inebriates me and it lasts.

Sicily DOC

Frappato 100%

Production area:
Biviere Lake Nature Reserve

Organic certification:


The Frappato vineyards are located in the Biviere Lake Nature Reserve. The grapes that are bred in the wind and ripened in the Mediterranean sun become Laetitya.

With a brilliant ruby ​​red colour, it stands out for its promising olfactory charge and the intensity of the aromas which range, in an elegant balance, from not too ripe red fruits to the floral component of red roses.

From the Biviere lands, a wine with great freshness, intense and with a particular flavor. Authentic joy in a bottle that pours Laetitya into a glass.