Strength tells of tension
the color advances ruby.
Ripe and spicy aromas
they insinuate themselves into palate bodies.
Advance and then show proudly
the grace that flows lightly.

Sicily DOC

Nero d’Avola 100%

Production area:
Federiciano Castle – Gela Plain

Organic certification:


The grapes of our Nero D’Avola grow in the heart of the Piana di Gela, at the foot of the Federiciano Castle, a place where the soil is very fertile and is nourished by the tasty breeze of the lake, offering us as gifts bunches of small but full-bodied grapes from which it is born Gradiva.

With garnet reflections of a beautiful ruby ​​red, intense on the nose with a preponderance of fruity and floral hints and spicy notes of black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla. A red that celebrates the light pace, the firm but delicate advance of time, the secret ingredient of good wine.