Rosé and happy awaits you
a sign that leads to celebration.
Wise and frugal moment
scent of every storm.
The appearance is seen and echoed,
nature and then another color.

Sparkling Wine Rosè Frappato Brut Terre Siciliane IGT

Frappato 100%

Production area:
Nature Reserve, on the shores of Lake Biviere

Organic certification:


The Frappato grapes from the Casa Grazia vines testify, in this sparkling wine, to the expert work carried out on the good grapes to obtain the best. The choice to make sparkling wine using the Charmat method allows us to keep the fragrance of the fruit intact, helping to make our Euphorya special which stands out for its pleasantness and elegance.

A brilliant color reminiscent of rose gold, a fine and persistent perlage from which hints of pomegranate and red azerole emerge. The name contains the wish for good luck, a tribute to the liveliness of Sicily and the joy of life.