Dalle terre del nostro lago Biviere,
riserva naturale protetta
che odora di Mediterraneo,
produciamo INVOLIO


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Commercial Format:
5l tin, 0,25l bottle

Production Area:
C.da Passo di Piazza


From the lands of our Biviere Lake, a protected Natural Reserve that smells of the Mediterranean Sea, we produce INVOLIO. The extra-virgin olive oil that Casa Grazia obtains from a clever blend of Biancolilla and Cerasuola is extracted cold-pressed, to preserve all of its qualities intact. Involio is very intense, fragrant and smooth to the palate.

  • Cultivar:
    Biancolilla, Cerasuola
  • Harvesting period:
    First ten days of October
  • Harvesting technique:
    Hand-picked and facilitated
  • Milled and packaged:
    c/o SP37 Mirabella lmbaccari (CT) 95040
  • Pressing:
    Hammer crushing
  • Extraction System:
    Cold cycle in continuous operation <27°C
  • Yeld for 100kg of Olives:
    15 l of oil
  • Conservation:
    Stainless steel silo without oxygen
  • Decantation:
  • Acid content expressed in oleic acid:
    Less than 0,3%
  • Chemical and Physical Characteristics:
    Compliant to all production specification under regulation CEE n.2568/91 and subsequent modification and integration
  • Organoleptic Characteristics:
    The oil obtained from the blend possesses a jade-green colour, nuances of artichoke and sour almond. To the palate it is soft and full, it mantains the characteristics of the frashly picked olive. Medium fruity.