Attesa del tempo più lieto,
aspetto e vedo i suoi frutti.
Intorno la quiete si muove,
natura di bacche e di mare.
Arriva il momento di luce,
profuma, mi inebria e permane.


Sicilia DOP

Grape variety:
Frappato 100%

Production area:
Nature Reserve of Biviere Lake


The vineyards of Frappato dwell on the Natural Reserve of the Biviere Lake.
The grapes that are nurtured thanks to the support of the wind and matured by the Sun ofthe Mediterranean become Laetitya.

Of a brilliant ruby red colour, it stands out for its promising olfactory tones and the intensity of the aromas which range, in elegant balance, from not-too-ripe red fruits to the floral component of red roses.

From the lands around the Biviere a wine of great freshness, intense and possessing a particular sapidity. A true joy in bottle that pours Laetitya in chalice.

  • Type of soil:
    White limestone and red sands
  • Cultivation system:
    Espalier / Guyot cordon spur pruning
  • Planting density:
    4000-5000 plants per hectare
  • Yield grape/HA:
    75-90 quintals
  • Harvesting period:
    Second ten days of September
  • Harvesting technique:
  • Vinification:
    In red with maceration on the skins, tumultuous fermentation with short and frequent pumping-over until complete fermentation
  • Maceration:
    5-7 days
  • Fermentation temperature:
  • Malolatic fermenation:
    Completely carried out after alcoholic fermentation
  • Ageing:
    4-5 months in steel at controlled temperature
  • Refinement in bottle:
    1-2 months
  • Alcohol content:
    13% Vol.